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The most difficult decision for me when dressing for an ABDL session is always knickers or nappies?

I love wearing knickers and I love wearing nappies, but how to choose between the two?

ABDL Fetish

I've done a lot of research into the ABDL scene in the last few years and the one thing that seems to set me apart is my love of women's knickers. I very rarely dress in a nappy, although I do enjoy wetting myself while wearing them, because the lure of a pair of cute knickers nearly always wins out for me. I like really girlie ones - usually in white or pink - and always very lacy and with lots of cute ruffles in them. I think they look gorgeous under my little girl dresses; and they help to make me feel properly feminine.

I would wear knickers every day if I could - even when I am dressed as a man. I go out shopping for them all the time; and since baby girl ones are far too small for me, I'm always on the look-out for the type of pretty panties a younger girl might choose to wear. I have a couple of pairs with unicorns on them, one with Princess written on them and some rea…
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Why I choose to age-play as an adult baby girl

Could my two big sisters really be to blame?

British Adult Baby

I'm not exactly sure why but I've always known the adult baby within me is a cute little girl called Maddy rather than an adult baby boy. The only reason I can possibly think of for this cross-dressing element to my age-play is the fact that I have two older sisters who were always playing with dollies when I was younger. I can remember feeling quite jealous at the time, because although I was always into football and cricket, I was never the most manly of guys and always used to hate all the chemistry sets and mechanical stuff I was always given for Christmas and Birthdays. And I always used to look on with envy as my two big sisters opened up the Sindy Dolls and Barbie Dolls they always seemed to get as gifts; and I longed to be able to play with dolls like them - or even to have my sisters dress me up in some of their dollies' clothes.

And so, when I finally started to come to terms with my desire to be a ba…

What makes a fully grown man want to live his life as a little baby girl

Exploring the reasons why I became an adult baby girl!

Becoming an Adult Baby
My desire to dress and act like a baby has been there for as long as I can remember. It first manifested itself during my late teenage years when I started wearing nappies and doing my hair in ribbons, then later, when I started living on my own, I began to create a full baby girl wardrobe packed with cute dresses, bonnets, bibs, booties and ankle socks. I also bought myself lots of teddies, dolls and other toys; and I would have bought an adult-sized cot and pram if I'd had enough place to hide them.
Back then, I would dress up as a baby girl and play with my toys at least twice a week. I found it enormously comforting crawling around on the floor or taking a nap in my little girl attire, but I also felt lots of guilt and shame - and was terrified of anyone discovering my guilty secret. And of course that fear began a whole lot greater when I met the woman who would become my wife. In fact, I was so scar…